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02/13 | Audition results are in! Please welcome our newest staff members Mazzira and Arxzero. The Kingdoms have been claimed by Lady Atia, Czarina Adelita and Priest Ronan! Lands within the kingdoms can now be claimed! Don't forget that you can always request a sub-board for your characters. We also have a valentine's event going on both in and out of character! A raffle for our members, and a unique masquerade ball for our characters - be sure to check it out! Big things are coming up for Elysian and the Kingdoms will be hosting events soon. We thank our members for being as active and lovely as they are and can't wait to see what the future has in store for us

01/27 | Elysian has been open for two weeks and our member base is already growing with lots of lovely people! We have a lot going on, and a lot coming up. Only a few more weeks to audition for Kingdom Leaders, and two more weeks to audition for staff! At the moment, we have an advertising contest going on with wonderful prizes, to kickstart both Elysian and your experience on Elysian. Plus, we have a few wonderful site adoptables waiting to be claimed! Keep your eyes open for more - kingdom events, the announcement of new staff and kingdom leaders, and a seasonal event both in character and out of character is coming up too!

01/13 | We are officially opening our doors today! Three Kingdom Leaders are to be chosen and auditions are open for them, as well as staff auditions. Plenty of space for new members to settle in Elysian! Besides that we have plenty of lands within the kingdoms just waiting to be claimed! We are just starting out, but we have quite some lovely members already, and we think Elysian is already becoming an awesome and very loving place. We can not wait to get our journey started and take you with us!

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The Beginning

Aside from our guidebook, the counsel is the place to be when it comes to everything important on site. Especially before you join, but also while role playing on Elysian! Here you will find any updates or changes on site, our site wide plots, polls we need your help with, the of the months nominations and much more can be found here.
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Breath of life
This is where you go to become an official member of Elysian! Including getting your OOC account accepted, filling out the last form to get your character going, but also for adoptions and deaths of characters.
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The Myth unfolds
This is where the sequel of Elysian's myth begins. You can find all our characters here, keep track of your threads and plots, but this is also the place to let your creativity flow! Get your new character active, or find that one specific plot for your character which you have always been looking for.
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Aside from our counsel, this is probably one of our most important boards. Here you find all updates on our characters and members. Going away for some time? Need a battle judged? A foal born? Requesting a higher level in your magic or acquired a higher rank? This is where you post so we can keep our site and characters up to date and your story running!
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The Elysian Fields

The Nile
Ancient Egypt, here lies beauty in the most unforgiving way. The gods have divided their kingdom into two parts. The red lands, the dry deserts that scatter these lands, inheriting it’s name from the red waste that protects Egypt from two sides. The black lands, the sole fertile path that runs across the favored river ‘The Nile’, rich, black silt allows the citizens to grow crops and harvest their own food. It’s a land of mystery, many folk tales tell that the spirits and souls of long gone pharaohs, even gods and godesses, still reside within the temples and pyramids. The Valley of Kings is the capitol of Egypt, where the royals reside and the citizens come to pray and seek refuge. The white deserts, it’s beauty like no one has ever seen, nevertheless many souls who have found themselves mesmerized by the desert’s beauty have found their final resting place here. While not only the gods protecting their lands form a threat, many venomous snakes, scorpions and spiders roam these lands. Wild camels find their way to the oases, but crocodiles always lurk near the waters. Amun’Ra will try to trick his visitors with beautiful Oasis’s on their journey through the red waste. Where dried out souls will think they have finally found relief - it’s desires filling their mind, thinking they have found solace where it’s just another unforgiving trap the gods have set for them. If one ventures far enough north, towards the end of The Nile, they will be rewarded with the beauty of real life oases.


Antique Rome, a dwelling renown for its ruthless abilities and impeccable charm. Four lands to piece carefully into one much like that of a jigsaw puzzle create this empowering realm. Piazza Navano being the heartbeat and where the King and Queen's quarters lay, it is where most citizens reside; for Rome is as tight knit as they come. It is the center of this grand land mark, while surrounding it lay the Colosseum. It's many tales ring out for miles past Rome's boundaries for it is not only legends of the Romans but for many other Cultures as well. A supreme arena for all to show their true wit, tactful abilities and of course brute strength. The Garden of Hesperides is the soften glow to this magnificent sun, a hide away of true serenity and tranquility. Flourishing with lush vegetation and divine floral and fauna alike, it is the gentle breath among the stronghold of this terrain; while also the place of many festivities. Lingering gently, a piece from the mainland resides untouched by the violent sea. The Island of the Blessed is a holy place, not only for simple prayers but also for those who wish to speak with the Roman Deity himself. A renown residence where love can blossom, as if the Romans needed a place where their unendingly devoted love could burn and rage like a wildfire; for these Gladiators of Rome need a place to fiercely caress those dearest to them. Visitors are always welcome within the barricades of Rome; though do be warned the King of these lands can be Hells Chosen if one dares to violate the terrain or his 'family'.

Duke Rumpelstiltskin

the throne is mine | CLAI... by Circe 03-28-2017, 08:16 AM
Miles and miles of savanna stretch towards and beyond the horizon. It almost appears as if an artist has carefully painted this scenery, the heavens always colored in an orange hue. Laas Gaal rests in the center of Zambia. Built from stone in the same, signifying orange tinge as the entirety of this kingdom. The royal quarters are not only host to the Priest and Priestess, royalty have told souls from around Elysian that the ancestors of the first beings of the earth still reside here. It's kaleidoscope of colors is what separates these lands from any other. Unique in it's own way. The sacred churches of Lalibela lay close to the heart of the savanna, the famous rock churches have been adored by not only the Africans, but citizens from each and every Kingdom. Various tribes and even more fauna are scattered across this kingdom. Some might call these citizens savages, fear them for their common knowledge of black magic and intoxicating herbs, spices and plants of nature. Nevertheless, they all carry the purest of souls. Tied to nothing else than Mother Nature, Aja, and her wonders. Elephants, felines, giraffes, hippopotamus, and many other animals roam the earth here. In the native's eyes, they are divine beings and can not be touched in any way. The Okavango delta holds an unique phenomena of it's own. Animals of all species come together here, knowing that survival is the most important goal. Hunting is placed aside here. Nevertheless, not all souls live by the god's laws in Zambia - and peace does not live forever and always.


May You Return To Us | Ye... by Aconitum 03-05-2017, 12:07 PM
This world is as if it came from an entirely different hemisphere; the temperatures, terrain and design are quite unique to the more bitter climate. Asgard - the refined and beautiful architecture is where the King and Queen have their dwelling, surrounded by water but engulfed by many grand trees; so lush with leaves and color. A single stone bridge will lead you to this glorious castle placed directly within the center of Rök with crimson roofs that can be seen for miles. Alfheim is a sight to truly only be seen from this terrain, its beauty is untouched and the spectrum of light that fills the night skies are what some live for. A rocky, slightly mountainous place, but plenty of caves and hide away for those who seek it's beauty always. A place for lovers no doubt, or old friends to come together again. Biarmaland is the place of utmost caution, settled right next to the rough sea's makes the it challenge during storms of any type. Though the brilliant green grasses and boulder speckled landscape make it a lovely place for a spar to gaze upon the horizon. It is a place to come to the God of Rök, a place where prayers can be answered and sent while list peace can be found. The place in which great battles are taken upon, where meetings of the herd are spoken. Kyöpelinvuori lay on the outskirts of Rök, but is never the less breath taking. The rock work created here in such formation looks unbelievable as to how it has withstood the many legends, kings, and decades but here it holds true to those Nordic bloodlines. Festivals, and rituals are held within this land one prized for its beauty of lush vegetation almost all year around. Kyo is a common place of rest for Rök's residences, large trees create homes or large roots carved into the Earth. Here it is always bubbling with life and others, a social tale can always be had among this land.


A vast, never-ending jungle stretches throughout Tenochtitlan. Luscious flora and exotic fauna adorn the earth in this part of Elysian. A jungle so strong, it even blooms through the temples and royal quarters. Snakes, various apes and monkeys, cheetahs, even blood thirsty plants can be a threat in the Kingdom of Tlatecuhtli. The Aztec are tricky souls, they have set up traps throughout their familiar grounds to trick unwelcome visitors. In the heart of the jungle lays Machu Picchu, on top of one of the highest mountains. An ancient city, a memory of the past yet still vibrant with the natives from Tenochtitlan. If one trails down the path of Machu Picchu, they will find themselves on their way to the royal quarters. Palenque, a group of pyramids. One for the ball rooms, home to all royalty of the Kingdom. Wander down into the jungle and you will find two temples. Quivira. Offerings to their gods are presented here, paintings and carvings are crafted into the stone walls of the temples. They tell stories about the past, about the gods, about all the previous czars. Natives speak of the death living here. An eerie atmosphere lingers in the mist that surrounds the temples at all times, and even creeps through the creaks of stone at times. Even though Quivira is deemed as a divine place, it is home to various apes. They find shelter within the stone walls, and indulge in the offerings natives have made to their gods. Close to the border with Xuanpu lays Lake Texcoco. Quivira's mist travels to the borders, slumbering over the lake at times. The lake's waters are a bright blue hue mixed with a tinge of green, with it's sandy banks it looks like a true paradise.


So Close I Can Taste It |... by Midir 03-24-2017, 10:20 AM
A tranquility so hypnotizing slumbers through the entirety of the Kingdom of Taidi. Water is his element, and the god has made this an ever returning scenery in these lands. Where the river does not flow through nature and stone paths have been paved, fountains and ponds are placed within the city surrounding the Summer Palace. Ponds of water that look like liquid gold to the bare eye rest within his temples. Vast rice fields stretch out around the city. Luscious flowers adorn all residences, each temple and each garden. They are everywhere one will look. Lotus flowers are placed carefully within every pond or fountain, a symbol for purity, divinity and birth. The stone path from the royal quarters within the city travels through a dense forest and leads up to the Kunlun Mountains. The mountains are of great importance to the Chinese. It is told that all of their god's spirits still reside within the caves and caverns in the Kunlun Mountains. Some have whispered that those who are immortal, were gifted their blessings here. While the mountains rest in the east, the Terracotta Army places itself on the western side of the Summer Palace. Folklore says the Terracotta Army are millions of soldiers, frozen in time. Turned to stone when Taidi was not able to win the raging war between the gods millions of years ago. No one will ever know who has placed the statues there, and it remains a mystery until present day. Xuanpu is a place of great mystery and many secrets no one has ever unraveled.

Empress Aloysia

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Neutral Lands
Travelers, the Egyptian, the Aztec, each and every being of Elysian is welcomed within the Neutral Lands. An element of each alliance can be found within all grounds in these lands. The Gods have placed these lands in the middle of Elysian's island. Carefully centered as the beating heart of each Kingdom. In the exact middle of Elysian rests the Tree of Souls. Myth tells that your own story is hidden within each branch, each string of it's luminous lianas. All a soul has to do is listen carefully and open their souls for what is to come their way. As you travel east, toward the Chinese Kingdom, you will find Agartha. The biggest city of Elysian, markets for everything and anything, conference rooms, bars, battling grounds, anything is found here. From a distance, it almost looks like a city of pure gold. Travelling north toward the Norse lays the Nysa, a dense pine forest. Close to the border with Rök are stairs winding around a massive rock. They go up, and up, and up, and they never seem to end. Legend tells that there truly is no end to these stairs, and no one has lived to see for themselves, yet. Finding your way out of the forests, one will find themselves close to the African borders. The silver mountains rest before Zambia, the Sierra de la Plata. Great mountains stretch out for miles, unlike their name, colored in a bright red tone. Those who have dared to explore it's heights, will find the origin of the mountain's name. Great treasures of silver, golds, diamonds and gem stones the Gods have left behind still lay here. As you close up on Tenochtitlan, just a few miles before the jungle starts to sprout from the grounds, you will find Nysa close to the lake - a unique group of caves hidden beneath the sands, partially under water. Some call it the underground beaches, and various gems and treasures are hidden here. And at last, apart from the thriving Nile, one of the only water sources close to the Egyptian borders, we have Mictlan. Vast red waste with a giant boulder placed in the middle of a round pond, clear blue water surrounds the immense rock. Elysian's natives wonder until this day how Mother Nature could create such a scenery.

Out of Character

Want a break from writing for a little while? Want to get to know the other members on Elysian? Feeling like playing a game? Elysian's hangout is the place to be! Here you can also find various resources for writing and role playing, from templates to guides on how to rock that post. We have it all!
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Graphics and coding
Our graphics and coding board is here for everyone, those who offer art, looking for art, or testing their art. Whether you are looking for more art for your characters, need a posting template, want to test what your creations look like or want to offer your services for coins on Elysian - this board is the way to go.
OOC Roleplay
Tired of equine role play for a little while? Or you just want to expand your character's story in a humanized way? Maybe even see how certain things play out in an alternate universe. Elysian also has an out of character roleplay section. Just remember that you still do need to post and play in character on Elysian!
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